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October 26, 2012
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Haruto who?

Aw, yeah, SS Fandom! I'm back!

I thought I wasn't going to like it at all. But I do! I think the main reason is Ruyho. Come on! Shiryu has a little adorable child! ... who looks more like Shun. Isn't it amazing that Shiryu and Shunrei are still together and made a family? Okay, I ship them since I was 4 years old. That makes 19 years of shiping. Also the mistery of Seiya. What the hell happened to him?

All the cameos. I felt so happy when Geki and Ichi first appeared. But then... SHUN! And I was so excited I actually screamed.

Shiryu being in that weird coma, unable to relate normally with his family. Awww the feels!

And then... Hyoga! Aw my blondie! As handsome as ever (because they're all on their late 30s and they look exaclty the same than when they were kids). LOL they keep calling him "the misterious man". You precious troll.

Kiki. Grown up Kiki. Aries Kiki. Gold saint Kiki. Cloth repairer Kiki. That little girl's master Kiki. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! OHMAIGUDDDDDDDDDD

This was my excatc reaction each time one of them appeared [link]

Now I want to see Ikki and Marin. And I NEED TO KNOW what the f**k really happened with the original five and their darkness wounds.

Now they call them the legen... wait for it... dary! saints.

And I still think Koga is Seiya and Saori's kid
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I love Souma, he's my favourite! :D and I also think Koga is Seiya and Saori's son!!
I know! Soma is the best one of the new team! so funny and friendly. And Koga... come on! his hair color is a mix of Seiya's and Saori's!
pedrocorreia Nov 7, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
What about Eden?

BTW, have you seen the new Goldies? We FINALLY have a Taurus Saint that is NOT a nice guy (and can actually DODGE!! HE DODGES ATTACKS!! A TAURUS!), a FEMALE Gemini Saint (who happens to be a MASSIVE Shiryu Fangirl), and a "Phantom-of-Opera- Wannabe" for Cancer (and Manigold remains with the title of the only non-Pathetic Cancer)
Tried. But I couldn't draw him properly so I didn't include him here.

Awwww yes! Taurus "Hamburger" is a bit of a creeper but like him. And super Fangirl? I prefer her evil self. The good one tried to rape a kid... =S. And the talking animals? I thought Ryuho was going to fight SnowWhite! xD

I'm curious about this new Cancer guy and his useless half-mask that actually shows his face xD

Hey, I read somewhere that Ikki's going to be in Leo!
pedrocorreia Nov 8, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
i see XD

I'm Liking "Taurus Franky" so far, it's cool how he seems to be stronger than Aldebaran and have the widest variety of attacks of all Taurus Saints (even though he's a wierd Mix of Sorrento + Isaac + lot's o' Cola!)

haha, i agree there! when Paradox appeared, the only thing that came to my mind EVERY TIME she touched or talked to Ryuho was: "she's gonna rape him", but did i Love her when she went "Hate mode" XD it was pretty damn awesome.

Sadly Ikki is not Leo. Mycene is the new Leo Saint (remember that he was second Gold Saint to be introduced), he was the one who kicked the bronzies asses when they first invaded Babel, but i don't think he's totally evil seeing how he literally Spared all of them (he could have esily killed them, and yet he didn't)

Maybe Schiller (that's the Cancer guy's Name) just use it trying to (and failing at) look Cool.

oh, don't forget Libra *cough*cloththief*cough* Genbu. i'm actually kinda curious about this guy
I agree!
About Ikki. I'm sure he has that weird darkenss wound like the others. I read that he's going to be in Leo episode... maybe he just appears from nowhere to save the kid's asses and then dissapears again. Just like Seiya did =)
pedrocorreia Nov 9, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
i agree that Ikki might have the Dark wound, but i don't think he'll appear like Seiya.
Seiya seems to be a special case.
what i think is that Ikki will somehow be responsible for making Eden man-up and stop srying (he've been in that emo corner since the damn arc begun)
Oh, Eden, I forgot about him since he started mourning... I'm curious about Ikki. I can't tell hw he's going yo appear now that he doesn't have to save Shun anymore... xDDDD

You're right about Seiya. He's allways wearing Sagitarius cloth so he might be the onluy one without the wound.
pedrocorreia Nov 9, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
yeah XD no doubt!

But i'm pretty sure Seiya is wounded too, when he burst out of nowhere and save Kouga, note that he was Transparent (the last time i saw a transparent Goldie he was good as dead). and after he clash with Mars to allow them to escape he simply Vanish into thin air.
i Think that Seiya is either dead (unlikely) or incapacitated (most likely) but somehow manage to stay connected to Kouga in some way, shape or form. since in the 3 times he appeared he was in touch with Kouga (first when he appeared in his mind when Kouga first got his cloth, then when he saved him from Mars in the first invasion to Babel, and when they destroyed the first "elemental core" and he gave the classic Sagittarius message "I'll Entrust Athena to you")
Damn! I want answers! =D
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